Clearex Gem

Inclusions Mapping

The OGI Clearex is optimal solution for the inclusions detection, mapping and valuation of internal features in Gemstone and Diamonds.

The Clearex provides rough dealer automatically option to inspect, evaluate and determine the value of a stone according to the light return.

Together with advanced OGI algorithms automatically analyses different cut grades, shapes, clarity grades and inclusion positions for maximum profit.

The Clearex offers the perfect tool for true rough valuation inspiring confidence in your decision whether to buy the rough or not.

OGI ClearEx GEM to revolutionise gemstone industry

OGI Systems' ClearEX GEM is the ultimate and most advanced system to detect inclusions in gemstones. It helps to see the inclusion of gemstones like Emerald, Ruby Sapphire and make best polish plan. In case, of specialised emeralds, it can also take care of the disruptions. Other than these precious stones , this machine can map other gemstones as well and it can be modified as per client requirements for other gemstones. Its compact system, which can be easily placed on the table by the operator. ClearEX gives instructions to special Gemstone laser marking to guide to the polisher to follow after ClearEX plan.

"The machine helps not only to save a lot of time but is certainly a revolutionary tool for the gemstone industry. It's faster. Its colour camera helps in deciding best polish plan in regards to emeralds and rubies which may have different shades in a single gemstones. This is going to change the mindset, the way gemstones traders look at mapping,"Daniel Benjano, OGI Systems.

OGI continues to lead the market with breakthrough technology and provide its customers with the best solutions.

Emerald Video Samples:




Split two twins stones

The best result without inclusion

Inclusion effect simulate on polish stone

Plotting glez simulate on rough stone

Plotting whole simulate on rough stone

Analyze multiple shape and gives the best value

Maximize polished pcs in one stone with different shape

Optimize multi pieces to get maximum use

Analyze multi stone same shape

Analyze the best weight with inclusion after plotting

Inclusion reflects visible

Best planning for princess shape

Predict analyzing of the light performance