OGI DiaColor V1.1

Rough Diamond Grading Color Machine

  • D-K Color predictions of white to yellow rough diamonds at about +/- 1/2 color grade
  • high-accuracy machine for measuring yellow fancy diamond color.
  • System can predict high-probability color grade that you will receive by GIA certification.
  • Light, fancy, Intense and Vivid yellow
  • D-F Brown hues in the color range
  • "Coated diamonds" - Precisely measures diamond color
  • Diamond UV feature obtain an estimated GIA color grade.
  • Type 2B Diamond - Determines neutrality of the diamonds blue color.
  • Machine is suitable to measure 45mm rough stones around 300 carats round.
  • Warranty and service free of charge: 5 years

  • OGI Fluorescent Device can check:
  • Blue fluorescence, yellow fluorescence (which indicates cloudiness in the stone).
  • Portable system, and runs on rechargeable batteries.

  • How To Use DiaColor


    Rough weight: Suitable 0.3-300 carats
    Measuring time: 5 seconds
    Voltage: 110/220 volts, rechargeable - 15 work hours.
    Dimensions: W15cm H10.5 L10.2

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