Lab Grown Diamond & Simulants Detector In large jewelery and stones

OGI Systems launches a new series reliably products that can identify HPHT and CVD Lab-Grown diamonds also can detect in high percentage Moissanite and CZ.

OGI has launched the Diatrue technology, which is the best detector system for every type of Lab-Grown diamonds including CZ and Moissanite.
Important to note, Diatrue is the first device to detect lab grown CVD, HPHT, CZ, and Moissanite all in one scan!

The entire market is reluctant to mix natural diamonds with lab grown diamonds. Therefore, all the devices in the market succeed at some level to identify the differences but the majority fail to identify CZ stones, which is a serious problem. When you mix a parcel made of a third-quarter of natural diamonds and a quarter of CZ stones, most detecting devices show the parcel as a natural diamond, which is an enormous loss in the actual value of the diamond for the client.

What Stones Can Be Tested?
Weight of stones: All
Size of stones: All
Colour of stones: D-K
Shape of stones: All
Diamond simulants: Yes
Jewellery: Yes
Instrument Functionality
Automatically feed the stones? No
Automatically interpret the results? Yes (color help)
Automatically dispense the stones? No (have grid numbers to help)
Detect or refer synthetic diamonds? Detect
Multiple stones at one time? Yes
Training? No, review of user manual
  • Detects CVD lab-grown diamonds
  • Detects HPHT lab-grown diamonds.
  • Detects Moissanite lab-grown diamonds. (first system in the world that can check parcel of Moissanite )
  • A4 size tray suitable for extra large jewelry.
  • Detects bulk parcel of diamonds or jewellery.
  • Detects diamond setting on any jewellery (Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings, Studs) even Indian big Jewellery style.
  • DiaTrue detects synthetic diamonds of all sizes from 0.003ct(0.9mm) to 50 carats.
  • DiaTrue detects synthetic diamonds of all shapes.
  • Easy to operate. just the push the button, results are shown on the screen.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • The cheapest and most accurate instrument on the market.
  • Download the DiaTrue Brochure


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    * There may be a minor percentage of unidentified stones.

    A4 size tray suitable for large jewelry

    diatrue jumbo tray